About me

My name is Brandon Apicelli.  I am skilled in creating and illustrating various exciting & unique characters and creatures!  I excel at creating characters that radiate story and emotion, and I have a wide range of styles that I can accommodate from simplistic and sleek geared towards 2D animation to more complicated and intricate characters for 3D and games.

I have been drawing all my life, but only past high school did I begin to pursue it as a career, though I have always been passionate about it.  I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus in Game Art & Design from the Art Institute of Washington.  I have worked on several projects while there that have helped to build my teamwork and problem solving skills useful in a professional setting.

While my personal dream is to work on games (3D, 2D, tabletop, or otherwise,) TV, animation, and movies all inspire me and my skills can be applied to any form of media.

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