Animation &

Video Editing


Pokémon Infographic

Dog Transforms Into An Apple

This was an animated infographic that I put together in After Effects.  I created most of the images in Photoshop and imported the graphics into the final video to be animated.  I am responsible for all non-musical elements of this video, including storyboards, script, images, graphics, animations, and narration.

This is a transformation animation I drew and animated by hand in Adobe Animate.

DesignBox Animated Logo Intro

Discovery Channel Ident Mock-Up

This is an animation I created for a YouTube channel I created called DesignBox. I used a mix of Photoshop, Premiere, and After Effects to create this simple intro of the DesignBox logo to use in the beginnings of videos.

This is a TV channel ident I created in After Effects for an assignment at the Art Institutes.  All stock videos and photos came from StoryBlocks and all music and sound effects came from AudioBlocks.  Discovery Channel is owned by Discovery.  This video was created for educational purposes only.

TV Channel Watermarks

These are mock-up animated watermarks for fake TV channels for an assignment. These were all created in Adobe After Effects.

I have been editing videos since 2012. I first used a no-name third-party editor, then moved on to Magix Vegas (formerly Sony Vegas.)


After years of plugging along in Vegas, I finally switched to Premiere and After Effects in early 2020, and I have since become fluent in both programs.