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I graduated from The Art Institute of Washington with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in December of 2018 with a focus on Character Design.  During my four years at the college, I was enrolled in the Game Art & Design area of study where I learned the facets of storytelling, character design, concept design, and world design as well as gained hands-on experience working with a team to create various games in Unity and Unreal Engine.

I have been drawing all my life, but only past high school did I begin to pursue it as a career.  During this pursuit, I discovered my love of characters, and I have excelled at creating vibrant people, monsters and creatures, each with unique worlds and stories all unto their own.  Baby Dracula & Sirthulhu live in a world where Sirthulhu is retired from being the world's most famous monster and is training Baby Dracula to take his place. Needless to say... antics ensue.

Zoe & Epoch live in a modern world much like our own, but it is a world paralleled by an underworld with spirit inhabitants called "Shades" that have extraordinary powers.  Zoe is a human who one day became infused with one of these Shades giving her the power to control fire.  She must hunt down and figure out who Epoch is and stop him before he uses his powers to rewrite space and time.

Clover & Garlic live in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by Werewolf-Vampires.  Yes.  "Werewolf-Vampire" is one creature.  It's an absurd and sarcastic world full of wonder and adventure.  Clover thrives and Garlic happily follows along.

Creating characters is my passion; telling stories is my dream.  I can help bring your worlds, characters, and stories to life with an unexampled flair and vibrancy that is truly unlike anything else you've ever seen.

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