Ever since I was a kid, I've desired to create engaging and memorable stories that people of all ages could sit down and enjoy.  My biggest inspirations come in the vein of incredible tales such as Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Zelda, Lord of the Rings, and many more.

I'm a "go-with-the-flow" kind of person, and I'm very adaptable to any kind of situation, which allows me to keep a level head in times of stress.  I strive for humility, so whenever there's a chance to learn, I jump on it, and I'm always willing to see things from another's perspective.

I graduated from The Art Institute of Washington with a 3.2 GPA, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in December of 2018.  My focus during that time was on 2D art - mainly character design - but I was also trained in illustration, 3D modeling, texturing, life drawing, creative writing, and game design.  My personal dream is to one day create a game that touches the hearts of people everywhere just like the games I played when I was a kid.


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